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Saturday, March 12, 2011

happy birthday to me....

assalamualaikum sume.

11 march is my big day bcoz 26 years before i was born. alhamdulliah 26 years later i am here. thank you ALLAH. also big thank you to my parents for my birth into this world and raise me. nothing can pay your doing to me. syukran jazilan.

this year, one big thing happened in my birth-day. tsunami at japan. nauzubillah. really. really2 bad in 140 years. i was watching some video yesterday and its really scary-mery. HIS power is HIS power. pray for them.

also happy 5th anniversary to my sister and brother-in-law.

pray for us. thank you for all de wishes. really appreciate that. jazakillahukhairan.


rawaidah said...

lina, happy belated besday!!!~ may Allah always shower u with His barakah. sori lambat.. :DDD

Nurlina binti Yusof said...

tq rawai. kalu ada ole2 dr German pn ok gak. hehe