Sunday, October 31, 2010

exam week...

now will be my last-exam-paper-writing for master. after this i will start the project and no more nervous-for-final, insyaallah.

no more this...

or this...

and for sure not like this...

right now, this is needed

pray for all of us... :)

sambil tu layan jap lagu nih....

Monday, October 18, 2010


assalamualaikum sume. alhamdulillah entry kali ni entry yg ilmiah skit. ngeh ngeh.

have u ever heard about andromeda? if im not mistaken, it have been used in STAR WARS. im not so sure. whateva. ANDROMEDA GALAXY the nearest galaxy to our world. in malay, our galaxy is called 'bimasakti'. but in English, their name is MILKY WAY GALAXY.

Andromeda Galaxy

Andromeda galaxy can be seen without using telescope. its actually 22 billion light years away. subhanallah. so amazing. with that distance it can be seen using naked eyes. but what more important, the first discovery of Andromeda galaxy was done by MUSLIM THINKER, ABD RAHMAN AL-SUFI in 945AD. he has explained in detail, including picture, in his book. subhanallah. his book really famous and have been used until nowadays. but as usual, as copy-paste-other-people-work-and-make-it-mine-nation, in 13th century, Europe's scientist also develop same sketch. huhu. so to all my frenz, be in mind that whatever invention come from europe, there must be muslim work behind it. be proud as a muslim. hope one day, i can be someone who can contribute to other :).

Drawing of the constellation of Andromeda from a manuscript of al-Sufi's Book on the Constellations of the Fixed Stars.

The same drawing, from a manuscript of the Sufi Latinus tradition

thank to dr waleed who teach me about this (RKGS6000). im really admire him because he is engineer yet he know every detail about Muslim scientist. this info act from my project-assignment-midterm work. after one month collecting materials and 2 weeks preparing the paper, i hope to submit it today, insyaallah. about 20% to finish it. pray for me. also pray for me and others. we will have final exam start 1st of November. jazakillah

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

this is called ... sajeon

thanks to my sister for this book.
gelak la... xkisah pn. yg penting i have this dictionary. now i have total 5 dictionaries. love them very much. most treasure books ever (not including al-quran. that cannot be compare k). ta da ..........

I can imagine later some people will make a joke bout this. kan yakob kan? ajak la skali yunus n yaye tgk post nih. pastu kutuk la slagi blh. what ever. mls nk layan..