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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

appreciate what they r doing...

assalamualaikum. after long silent... *sigh*

i would like to bring a story during khalifah 'Umar al-khattab. famous story with excellent effects. there was a man who were no longer could resist with her wife's nag. he went to meet 'Umar for some advice. when he arrived at 'Umar's place, he saw 'Umar been nag by his wife. looking at that situation, he intends to returns because they were in similar situation. but 'Umar spotted his appearance and ask the reason for coming. that man said " act i wanna ask ur advice about my wife, but i think we were in the same boat. i should ask someone else." then 'Umar told him that "maybe there is tiring to listen to their words, but actually its only small little thing compare to what they do. she's caring my babies for 9 month without miss a second, she take care of my babies 24/7, and she helps my family A-LOT. so listen to them is nothing than what she have done. and what she said is for family."

from that story, lots of lessons to be taken. as husband, please appreciate your wife. as children, please appreciate your parents. sometimes you may feel irritated, but please remember what they have done to your life. and normally our feelings is pointless. so just ignore our-sensitip-sentiment-and-pointless-feeling and do something that can make them happy. its hard, but think the hardest-thing-behavior that you give them since you were in ur mom's uterus. and when ur parents give some advice, its not what they create. but that was their experience, and experience is the best teacher.

p/s: sbg tambahan - apabila seorang anak adam lahir, maka lahirlah seorg hamba kepada tuhan-Nya, seorg anak, seorg kakak/abang, seorg adik, seorg cucu, seorg anak sedara, seorg sepupu, seorg pelajar, seorg kawan, seorg pekerja, seorg pendakwah dan juga JODOH kepada seorg manusia lain. rupa2nye banyak hubungan kite dgn org lain. dan sbnrnye sume itu adalah tanggungjawab kite sebagai seorg manusia. kite adalah watak utama dalam kehidupan kite dan juga watak sampingan dalam kehidupan org lain. maka bawalah watak2 ini sebaik mungkin dalam mencari keredhaan Allah, insyaallah.

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