Friday, July 16, 2010

proud to be IIU-nian

assalamualaikum everyone. hope everything in HIS bless. this entry act dedicated to the best university in msia, UIA. huhu. honestly im not really aware about iiu and i acknowledge that. some times people 'outside' will tell me what happen in iiu, like what event held, why the rules change n etc. as s defense(hehe), im not really in-contact with uia since i only spend around 10hr/week there (in class) n rarely go to center to read the announcement/advertisement. and this one also i know from others. huhu

yesterday im going to class (RKGS6000). its like kelas pendidikan agama, means we learn about engineering in islamic perspective, ethics etc. suddenly my lec brought bout our syllabus which are tough to students. he told us how international people surprise with that. for those who have taken UNGS2030, UNGS2040 and UNGS2050, dr. abdi said that UNGS2030 are more tougher. but we r required to study UNGS2030 1st b4 2040 n 2050. then he explained that, if u want to construct a good building, u have to build the stronger part 1st (bottom) and the lighter part at the higher point (roof). then the building will last longer. this is what iiu want to build.

as a results, recently uia have been chosen as best-es university in msia. means that wat they want from student were achieved. since the examiner from overseas, it shown that iiu fulfilled international standard. iiu also should be in research university, bcoz b4 this ministry have reject 2 iiu applications to be research university. even research university rank behidn iiu. and alhamdulillah now the ministry start to give attention to iiu.

thus to all iiu-nian (past o present), u have to feel proud to be in this university. even u r worse, u still in good position. hehe. but please dont bash iiu just bcoz u didnt like the 'islamic' rules (minus politic issues). if ur not satisfied, u can move to other university. dont feel that iiu will suffer if ur gone, but believe me, ur the one will lost. huhu.

ps: to other university-an, jgn emotional ye. u korg pn still de best in ur heart. but this is a fact. even our university come last, iiu still the best in my heart too. sekian...


Nur Adibah said...

Proud to be IIUan. Seriously.

Salihah said...

sayang uia!

Najla Shuhud said...

Lina, La ada bg award kat Lina.. Sila lawat blog La k.. daa~