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Friday, November 20, 2009

summary of BIOMALAYSIA 2009

salam sume. now im at uia, waiting for another job from sir. ngeh2. so before that let me talk about conference that i attend this week.

ok 17-19 nov '09, there are program called BIOMALAYSIA, place in KL convention centre. since the name itself BIO, so i hope all of you will understand that the event totally related to science and biotechnology.

little introduction: this prog organize by biotech corp and mosti, is purposely to gather all scientist and experts from all over the world to talk about biotehnology. example of country attends are US, UK, S. korea, India, China, Netherlands, japan and of course Malaysia. the program have been divide into two; exhibition and conference. exhibition was about to promote the products, services, and know each other better. its open to all visitor and free. for conference, some experts will talk about their new invansion, their products as weel as bio-commercialization.

last minit, i have opportunity to attend the conference with a huge amount of fees, of course im not the one to pay it since i go under my supervisor's name. hehe. this is the first time for me to attend international event. what can i say is it superb event and the best outsider program i had have attend, from organizer, location, speaker, and best out of the best: FOOD. ngeh3...

the field of discussion in this event are biopharma, bioinfo, bioethics, agriculture, bio-industry, bio-enterprenur etc. participant can chose which track do they like. for me, i run in the track of bioethics, food and agriculture and biopharma. since im a newcomer, im not really familiar with most of terms presented by the speaker and i tried my best to catch what they said. beside, the presenter's slang also quite disturbance. but what can i share here is: as scientist, we should have 4 criteria, which are siddiq, amanah,tabligh dan fatonah.researher must be honest with themself and with other people, must believe on what they are doing, share or good communication and finally intelligent and good planer. as rememberance for all to start our work.
em about the food, its 5star. hehe. so delicious nyum2. ok la. thats all. take a look pics below. salam
opening ceremony (by najib):
presentation + speaker
in the hall + self pic


Najla Shuhud said...

Wah, bestnye Lina dpt peluang dgr talk.. Bagus2..

Lina xjumpa Diba ke kat exhibition tu.. Diba de jaga booth wakil biotech corp..

Nur Adibah said...

Lina byk makan. Mentang2 le makanan sedap2. Haha..

Nurlina binti Yusof said...

@la: mstla jumpe. kt sorg2 je kt situ. pastu jumpe dba. tyme tu tetibe je rasa cam gembira ada kawan walaupn jumpe kejap jer.

@dba: ngeh3. makanan die mmg tersangatlah sedap n menarik