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Thursday, June 11, 2009

congrats for.... and sorry

last week, at the same time with dja's wedd, one of my best buddy in iium was engaged. at first, i dont know which majlis should i go since both of them are important to me. but then, i decided to go wedding ceremony. i talk to iium's frenz and she understand (thanks a lot). actually i planned to go to her house after the wedding (we live at the same place actually), just to meet her but then i have to follow my parents to go to my relatives house and reached home late. so i can't go to her house. so sorry.
i'll pray for your happiness and get baraqah from Him, insyaallah. lastly, CONGRATULATIONS.

ps: nnt time kawen insyaallah kite akan datang.


Y said...

Sometimes, we just need to choose randomly :)

demi menunaikan amanah sbg pengapit :p hehe.

Tahniah utk kawan lina yang bertunang tu. Dah boleh booked lina utk jadi pengapit nnt. hehe. ^_^

nurlina said...

jgn. kite xpandai jd pengapit. nnt sian pengantin kene duk sorg2

Anonymous said...

thanx dear.. hal laa..i x kesa pon(padahal mmg sedey pn memule..huu)..i
g knduri kawen kn lg wajib..jd pengapit lg..hee..
keje rerajen ye..