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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


now i want to speak in english. my lecturer said if we talk in english start from 8am-5pm, in 2 weeks she said she guarantee that we can speak english like 'SUPERB'. huhu. new words. basically(she dont like people said that...hehe), english is good language. but sometime the pronunciation is like 'pening' to say. i wonder why people always look at the malay who talk in english. some time bad become bet. 'what the hell are you saying'. but why they are not looking at the foreign english? they are more 'better' in change the words. kettle become katel. haha. just joking. mmg manusia suke tgk kesalahan org lain. kesalahan sendiri xnk mengaku...huhu


i.syah said...

you should continue to write in english, at least it's easier than to speak in english all the time. first step, talk to yourself in english more frequent.haha. [aisyah sedang memberi nasihat poyo :p]

but seriously, write your blog in english.try arr. unless, bilamana cerita yg nak disampaikan x berkesampaian, tulislah in Malay.

good luck!

p/s: set laa comment published kat depan/ bwh entry.hehe.byk lak permintaan :p

dija said...

hang dok ngate foreigner pastu set blog ade "adult content"??
haha, ikot suke hati hang aja.

Ganbatte kudasai~~~
baru tgk movie my english tutor 2 ;P